No Signal

No Signal

Phone signal issue?

Although signal antenna is not visible on many of today’s smartphone, these devices are still dependant on antennas so your mobile phone receive a strong signal. Has your mobile phone begun to experience more dropped calls and loss of signal strength? Frequent phone drops or water can damage the signal antenna. then it may be time to consider mobile antenna replacement to repair your faulty or broken antenna.

Troubleshoot Antenna issues:

There are several ways to troubleshoot cell phone antenna issues. You should also make sure that your phone is fully charged, sim card is fully functional and there is no signal issue in your area from network provider. You may be too far away from  closest cell phone tower. If the location and battery are not the problems, you can back up your data and then reset the phone.

Repairing cell phone antenna:
Fortunately, Fone Galaxy well experienced repair technicians can examine your phone free of charge and give you a free estimate for signal issue repair to help restore your phone functions.

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