Non-working Speaker

Non-working Speaker

Speaker not working?

All cell phone shave some sort of built-in speakers. The speaker allows you to heart the voice on the other end of any phone call or game, music or entertainment. However, if the phone’s speaker begins to crackle or the volume is not high enough there are few steps to fix it or to see one of our Fone Galaxy experienced technicians.

Troubleshoot speaker issue:

If the speaker is wet or water has gone inside through speaker then it may cause static in speaker and often create distortion. Wait for the speaker to dry before using it again. Sometimes, using headphones continuously may cause the speaker not to work in that case please remove your headphones and restart your device.

Repairing cell phone speaker:
Fortunately, Fone Galaxy is here to help you out well experienced repair technicians can examine your phone free of charge and give you a free estimate for the repair of your phones speaker to help restore your phone functions.

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