Terms & conditions

Any sale, purchase, unlocking and repair agreement is solely between Fone Galaxy Limited (No: 12771956) T/A Fone Galaxy and the customer.


  1. Most repairs come with a  warranty. The warranty excludes: 
  • Any physical damage
  • Liquid damage either before or after the repair
  • Bend(s) and dent(s) either before or after the repair
  • Software related issues
  • Faults not related to the original repair
  • If any subsequent repair is done by anyone else on the device this will void our warranty, this includes tempering too.
  1. We normally use Grade A parts for repairs.
  2. We do not give any guarantee that a device will remain waterproof or water resistant after our repair.
  3. We do not repair any device which has been blocked or blacklisted.
  4. Any manufacturing defects, conditions or software errors are not covered under our warranty for example iPhone 6 Plus Touch Decease.
  5. If your device is damaged beyond economical repair through our negligence, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing a replacement with a product that is the same or similar to your device.
  6. Any warranty is non-transferable.
  7. We cannot be held responsible for voiding any other company’s warranty on your device as a result of our work.
  8. Customers are solely responsible for backing up their devices for data before any repair. We are not responsible for any data loss/corruption how so ever. 
  9. If we are unable to check your phone before a repair, then we will only take responsibility for the repair that we have agreed to.
  10. We don’t take responsibility for a device to get disabled (pin/password/pattern) on its own due to faulty touchscreen. Sometimes a device only shows disabled mode with a working touch screen.
  11. We do not offer any refunds at all for any repairs.

Cases, glass protectors, chargers

  1. All items purchased in the store come with our 14-day warranty. 
  2. We do not issue refunds for unwanted items. Any unwanted item can either be exchanged or given a credit note against. Items must be returned in the same condition they were sold in with original packaging and without any use. This excludes earphones and similar items for hygienic reasons. 
  3. We can only issue a refund if an item is faulty through purchase but not through negligence, tampering, physical damage or accident. 
  4. Tempered screen protectors don’t crack on their own. They are intended to protect your device from damage but they are not indestructible. There is no guarantee given with their purchase whatsoever.
  5. It is a customer’s responsibility to take and keep the receipt as we always offer a receipt. 
  6. For any exchange or refund the original receipt must be provided. Card payments can only be refunded back on the card used for a purchase. 


  1. A phone must not be black-listed as a result of theft, unpaid bills or any other reason. 
  2. It is the responsibility of the customer to check whether their phone is already unlocked prior to requesting an unlocking service.
  3. It is a customer’s responsibility to give us the right network name a phone is locked to.
  4. It is a customer’s responsibility to have the correct Apple/Google ID details or any other passwords if needed. 
  5. Once an unlocking order is placed it cannot be cancelled. 
  6. We cannot issue a refund for all the above reasons.


All our prices are subject to change without any notice at any time. Sometimes we do special prices to promote ourselves, we can end these offers any time without any notice. We charge a minimum £15 for a repair or problem solving.


Buying an old or refurbished device

The following sales terms and conditions relate to the sale of old or refurbished phones, tablets or any other device (‘Product/s’) purchased by Fone Galaxy (‘Us’, ‘We’, ‘Our’). These said terms and conditions are activated from once the product/s accepted and are paid for in full.

1. Understanding your refurbished product

Your product has met Fone Galaxy’s high quality-control standards. All our refurbished Products have been thoroughly tested and graded.

2. Understanding the grade of your refurbished product

Grade A

– The Product is used but in excellent condition. – Cosmetically the Product will show no signs of use, there will be no scratches, cracks or scuffs to the screen or casing. – It’s been fully tested*, is in full working order and has been restored to the latest operating system.

Grade B

– The Product is used and in good condition. – Cosmetically the Product will show signs of slight use, including two or three minor scratches to the screen and casing. It won’t have cracks on the screen or casing. – It’s been fully tested*, is in full working order and has been restored to the latest operating system.

Grade C

– The Product is used and in average condition. – Cosmetically the phone will show signs of use, including some scratches and scuffs to the screen and casing. It won’t have cracks on the screen or casing. – It’s been fully tested*, is in full working order and has been restored to the latest operating system.

3. Acceptance of sale

You will be offered the opportunity to inspect your product in-store and you will be made aware of the Grade of your product in accordance with the terms of Conditions (1) and (2). Once you have tested the product and completed the sale by paying for the product, you are deemed to have accepted the product in its current condition and grading.

4. Returns, repairs and replacements

4.1  We only entertain genuine claims and reserve right to decline any false claims.
4.2  All guarantees to replace, repair or return are void if the returned the product is found to be damaged, scratched, modified, physically altered or manipulated in anyway. This includes attempts to repair the product at another outlet.
4.3  Fone Galaxy will either choose to repair the product in-house or replace as necessary.
4.4  Any product returned to us may be charged an additional fee of £25 to cover the cost of testing and return if products are found to be fully working.
4.5  You will be offered the opportunity to inspect and accept the product before purchasing, therefor we will not refund purchases if you:
4.5.1  Made a mistake when purchasing the product; or
4.5.2  Have changed your mind about the product; or

4.5.3 Are returning the product based on facts which you were aware of at the time of the sale.

4.6 In addition to condition 7; any returns, repairs or replacement requests will be rejected unless the following conditions are met:

4.6.1 The product warranty cover only manufacturing fault/software problem within 1 year from date of purchase

4.6.2 Returns will only be accepted from the person who bought the item, with original receipt within 14 days of item not used/damage

4.6.3 The original purchase receipt is made available at the time of the request

The above conditions are part of our commitment to high quality service and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. These terms and conditions of sale are governed by the law of England and Wales, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Buy and sell

1. Customers/sellers must be a minimum of 18yrs of age.
2. We will always take identification and proof of address as per our ID policy and it will be entered onto and stored on our computer system.
3. All devices will be subject to testing.
4.  Wherever applicable/ practical products will be checked for serial numbers, and if found will be recorded in our computer system along with a brief description of the goods.
5. We reserve the right to refuse to purchase any product at our sole discretion.
6. We reserve the right to limit the number of purchases at our sole discretion. 
7. You also warrant that you are the rightful and legitimate owner of the product or have been authorised to sell the product and that the product is free from any encumbrances or third party claims. In case the products are later found out to be stolen, or encumbered and/or fake, we reserve the right to pursue legal remedy (both civil and criminal) against you.  

8. Title of the products shall pass to Fone Galaxy following successful testing and a purchase price having been agreed between Fone Galaxy and you. 

9. Obligation to wipe data: It is the sole responsibility of the customer/seller to ensure that any device sold to us is clear of any personal information. The customer/seller would use all reasonable measures to wipe/erase the data on the device or any additional storage device included in that device. 

10. Products that fail test or are rejected by us for purchase will be held for 14 days for collection. After 14 days we may dispose of them at your expense.

11. We reserve the right to withdraw our offer or change these terms and conditions at any time.

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